When Old Ways of Living Aren’t “Working”… New Ways Are Needed!

When you struggle to respond to life’s challenges in a way that is life-giving and constructive, and when you long for a deeper sense of direction in your life, seeking help is a way of honoring yourself in your struggle, as well as those you care about. I believe God is LIFE, and is always seeking to share that Life with those who are willing to truly seek it in the midst of life’s challenges. I believe my role is to engage you in such a way that you discover what you are truly looking for and come to know what your part is in this process of discovery.

Who’s Interested in What I Offer?

I, Sheldon Swartz,  specialize in helping individuals, couples and families through counseling in the Goshen, IN area. Generally it’s people who are living with some sense of dis-ease or discontent that propels them to seek help. If you are observing that your old ways of living are not providing you with the deep satisfaction you long for, it’s time to look at what needs to change.

So, Now What?

Please browse my website to learn more about me and how I can help you.  I consult by phone and email, as well as sitting across from my clients in my office.  Call or text 574-533-2812 or email me at sheldon@lifeda.com